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2021 Event is Cancelled. Find us on Facebook @blacktieandboxing to stay up to date.

There is still a need to support JDRF , the largest non-profit funder of type one diabetes research. An estimated 64,000 people are people diagnosed annually in the United the fight must continue.  


Having a ringside seat is not just a metaphor when talking about this annual fundraiser in Jackson, Tennessee for JDRF, Research Foundation for Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Ringside at this event means guests will be seated literally around a ring - a MMA cage to be exact. 

Black Tie & Boxing, a fund of

West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation, uniquely combines a cocktail hour, followed by a black-tie dinner. Guests will dine as they are entertained by a series of live, sanctioned Kickboxing/MMA matches where solid fighters will duke it out all in the name of fighting for a cure of Type 1 Diabetes.

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